About Armando Martínez Sculptor

Armando Martínez Vazquez, of A Hermida, Pontevaedra, was born in 1955.  He is a Figurative Surrealist Galician  sculptor, and currently has his signature to the largest numbers of public works all around Portugal.

Martínez takes his first visual contact with the work in the stone through his father Rogelio Martínez Martínez, who was master mason.

At twenty-five years old he moved to the city of Reggio Emilia, in Emilia-Romagna province of Northern Italy. .  It is in this city that Martinez began his life of art, based on a style of self learning, that allowed him to apply a particular view when transforming wood, into wood carving.  Living in this town for two years allowed for Martinez to meet with the sculptor Franco Montanari, as well as writer and sculptor, Sergio Subazzoli, and, on occasion, had the honour to share artistic thoughts together.

Martínez is a personal friend and colleague of the Italian philosopher, Guatteri Vito, founder of the Academia Villa D’este, and Gondola Venice Gold Award.  Guatteri is the first prolific to write of Martínez, and describes his work in the journal, Carmina Non Dant Panem.  This publication establishes a similarity between the work of the Galician sculptor, with that of Goya, arguing that “L’impressionismo di Goja ha Saputo trasfondere nelle su opere”, which translates as “…( He has managed to transmit in his works, “The Goya Impressionism”).

On his return to Spain after a stay in Scotland, Martinez decided to focus his artistic experience on stonework, with the purpose of transforming the raw stone in order to beautify and adorn the public, and private spaces, from a perspective and a concept of Figurative Surrealism.

A few years later, he established; on Calvario Street, Vigo; his first workshop for sculpting the stone.  Martinez took on the challenge of how to preserve the symbology he had acquired through is experiences with woodworking, and then translating them into this new found world of stone.


Public Monuments made:

Armando Martínez has created more than 50 Public Monuments.

escultura 2018
monum vila franca das naves 2018
moteros gois 2017



- First Prize of International Sculpture of  “Angelo  de lla Vonta”, in Pratto, Firenze , Italy.

- First Prize of Scultpture " Tricolaria”, Villa D’Este Academy, in Reggio Emilia, Italia.

- First International Prize of Art "Suessia Degli Aurunci” in Pratto, Firenze Italia

- First International Prize of Scultpture “Quo Vadis Pax”in Pratto, Firenze. Italia.


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-  National Museum of the Naifes, Luzzara, Italia.

-  Floríno Academy, Firenze, Italia.

-  Villa D’Este Academy, Reggio Emilia, Italia. 

-  National Museum of the Naif in Guastalla. Italia.

-  Museum of de Contemporary Art of the Vila Franca de Xira.

-  Municipal Council of Coimbra.

-  Delegation of Tourism of Leiria, Portugal.

-  Provincial Government of Pontevedra.

-  Caja Provincial de Pontevedra.

-  Caixanova Vigo.

-  Caixa Madrid.

-  Pavilion of Galicia Xacobeo, Santiago of Compostela.

-  Celta Museum Celta of Vigo.

-  Museum of The Rock. Cantanhede. Portugal.

-  Artistic Goods of the Republic President´s office in Portugal.

-  Artistic Goods of the Galician Xunta.


-84/85 e 86: Three plays are accepted in The National Museum of Naifs from Italy. 

Over a year, the accepted work went over several expositions of different cities of Italy. 

1986: Pallazo Villa D’Este, Reggio Emilia. Italia. 

1987: Museo Nazionale Di Naifs. Luzzara, Italia.

          -City Gallery. Edimburgo, Escocia, organised for The Edinburgh Chamber in Scotland. 

         -“Tour in the Highlands", organised for The Glasgow Chamber. Scotland

        - 3RD Eye Centre, organised for The Glasgow Chamber. Scotland.

1989: Colective Exposition of Galician Artists. Laxeiro Galery. Vigo. Spain.

1990: Culture House of  The Baiona Council. Spain

           Vigo- Móllase Group in Vigo. Spain. 

1994: Torre of Anto Galery in Coimbra, Portugal.

         Arts House (Conection 11), Vigo. Spain

         Santo Domingo (Conection 10), Tui. Spain.

1996 - 2018: GOISARTE in Gois- Portugal and Oroso-Spain

1999: Pro Art in Madrid. Spain

          Culture Galician House in Soutomaior Castle. Vigo. Pontevedra. Spain.

          Culture House of Cangas. Pontevedra. Spain

2000: Foundation of The Aveiro University. Portugal.

2001: Sintra Museum. Portugal

2010: Hall of Exhibitions of The Medical College of O Porto. Portugal.

2012, 2013, 2014: Art Galery Bij Krepel Klarenbeek, Holland.

2012: Visol Galery in Orense. Spain.

2013: 10º International Salon of Nantes -Façade Atlantique, Chantenay, Francia.

          1º European Salon of Plastic Arts in Cantahede, Portugal.

2015: Wood Museum in Holanda

2018: PO.RO.S. Museum in Condeixa-Portugal


  1986: Academy of The Fiorino, Pratto Firenze Toano. Italia (Emilia-Romagna)

    Chamber Palazzo Villa Déste. Italy (Reggio Emilia)

    Galery Girasolum, Coimbra - Portugal

    Caja de Ahorros of Vigo, Pontevedra . Galicia. Spain

-  1989: House of D. Hugo. Cámara Municipal de Porto. Portugal.

    Refeitorio de Santa Cruz, Coimbra - Portugal

    House of The Culture in The Municipal Chamber of Vilaverde. Portugal.

-  1990: Laxeiro Galery, Vigo. Pontevedra. Galicia. Spain

    Capitel Galery, Leiria. Portugal.

    Municipal Chamber of Baião - Portugal

    Galery CaixaVigo. Pontevedra. Galicia. Spain

    Culture House of Cangas in Pontevedra. Galicia. Spain

    Soutomaior Castle in Vigo. Pontevedra. Spain.

-  1991: Varia Art in Coimbra. Portugal.

-  1992: Caja Madrid in Aranjuez. Madrid. Spain

-  1993: Castle of Soutomaior. Pontevedra. Spain

    Culture House of Cangas in Pontevedra. Galicia. Spain

-  1994: Culture House of Bueu in Pontevedra. Spain

    Culture House, Chamber of Coimbra. Portugal.

    Galeria Caíxavígo in, Vigo. Pontevedra. Galiza .

-  1996-98: House of Culture, Chamber of Coimbra. Portugal

    Galery of The Municipal Council of Vila Franca de Xira.

    Cervantes Institute in Lisboa. Portugal.

    Community Social Center of Miranda do Corvo. Portugal

    Museum of Torres Novas. Portugal.

    Galery Caíxavígo, Vigo. Pontevedra. Galicia. Spain

    Castle of Soutomaior. Pontevedra

    House of Cultura in Corcubíón. Pontevedra. Spain.

    Borron Galery. Cambados 

    Trisquel e Medulia. Tui 

-  1999: Geraldes Galery da Silva, Porto. Portugal.

    Palace Galery, Viseu. Portugal

    Alambique Galery. Portugal.

    Alfama Galery. Madrid.

-  2000: Palace of Santa Helena, Lisboa. Portugal.

    Galery Augusto Pereira, Montemor o Velho. Portugal.

    Galery Concelho de Sao Joao da Madeira, Porto. Portugal

    Culture House of Guastalla. Italia (Rello Emilia)

-  2002: Galery of The Municipal Chamber of Lousã. Portugal.

    Municipal Museum of Orense. Galicia. Spain

    House of Torre do Anto, Redondela. Pontevedra. Galiza

    Financial Center of Vigo City. Pontevedra. Galicia. Spain

    Culture House of Coimbra. Portugal

    Cultural Center of the Provincial Government of Ourense Galicia.

    Autumn Meeting Room in Québec. Canada .

-  2004: Culture House of Coimbra. Portugal.

    Republic Museum. Lisboa. Portugal.

    Assembly Hall of Art of The Financial Club of Vigo, Spain

-  2005: Galicia House in Madrid. Spain

    Municipal Museum Ourense. Spain

-  2007: Club Financiero de Vigo. España

-  2008: CaixaNova Vigo. Spain

    Castle of Mos Port-.Portugal.

-  2009: Hall of Exhibitions of Ingafor in Vigo. Spain

-  2010: Galery Jose Lorenzo in Santiago of Compostela. Spain-  2011: Exhibitions in The Framed Gallery- Ink Galery, Edinburgo, Escocia. R.U.

    Hall of Art Exhibitions of Casal de Ferreirós in Poio, Pontevedra. Spain.

    Hall of Art Exhibitions of Xunta of Galicia, Pontevedra. Spain

    Hall of Art  Financial Club of Vigo. Spain

    Art  Galery of Bij Krepel Klarembeek in Holland.

-  2012: Hall of Exhibitions of The Military Government in Aveiro, Portugal.

    Hall of Exhibitions of The Municipal Theatre of Mealhada.  Messias Building. Portugal.

    Hall of Exhibitions of The Culture House in Coimbra. Portugal.

    Exhibition in The Hostel of the Catholic Kings in Santiago de Compostela. Spain.

-  2013: Hall of Exhibitions House of the Shield in Verín, Ourense. Spain

-  2014: Municipal Museum of Ourense. Spain.

-  2015: Municipal Museum of Pampilhosa da Serra. Portugal.

    Municipal Museum of Mortágua. Portugal.

    Xerion Galery. Coruña. Spain.

-2016: Galicia House in Madrid. Spain

2017, 2019: Financial Club of Vigo. Spain.