6- 1992: Monument to the writer Soeiro Pereira Gomes in Gestaço. Portugal

8- 1994: Monument to the poetess Florbela Espanca, Coimbra. Portugal

9- 1995: Monument to Rosalía de Castro in Vigo. España

10- 2000: Monument to Leitão in Mealhada, Portugal.

Monumento al Mar en recinto privado. Vigo

11-2000: Stone locket of Badem Powell en Pampillosa. Portugal

12- 2000: Monument to Motorciclists in Góis. Portugal

13- 2001: Monument to Solidarity in Covões. Cantanhede. Portugal

14- 2002: Monument to Inés de Castro in Montemor o Vello.

17-2003: Monument to Mundial de Hockey World Championship in Olivera de Azeméis. Portugal

15- 2002: Monument to the Thousand years of History in Vaçarisa. Portugal

16- 2003: Monument to Liberty in Miranda do Corvo- Portugal

18- 2003:Monument to Woman in Barreiro. Portugal

19- 2004: Bust of Badem-Powell. Coímbra, Freguesia de Santa Clara. Portugal

20- 2004:Monument to Florist in Miranda do Corvo- Semide. Portugal

21- 2004:Homage to Chanfana in Miranda do Corvo. , Freguesia de Semide. Portugal

22- 2004: Monument to Solidarity in Góis. Portugal

23-2004:Monument to Sea - private enclosure near The Castro Park in Vigo. Pontevedra. Spain.

24- 2005: Monument to The Oil Place in Santarem. Portugal

25- 2005:Monument to Inés in Santaclara-Coimbra. Portugal

26- 2008.Monument to Stonemason in Ataija de Cima. Portugal

27- 2008:Monument to Republic  in Miranda do Corvo. Portugal

28- 2009: Monument to Pilgrim  in Massamá Park. Lisboa. Portugal

29- 2009:Monument to Water in Gois. Portugal

30- 2010: Megalitic Circle in Mealhada where he works with 3 esculptors (Angulo Group). Portugal

31- 2010: Monument to Bible in Massamá. Lisboa. Portugal

32- 2010: Public Esculpture for Jhelmelan in Norway

33- 2011: Monument to Cooperation in Góis.  He made one piece with others sculptors (Angulo Group)

34- 2011:Public Esculpture for entrance of the Trancoso city in Portugal

35-2012: Construction of 5 Menhirs for Mealhada Park. He worked together with 3 sculptors (Angulo Group). Portugal.

36-2014: Monument to the doctor Mário Mendes. It was offered to Coímbra City for the Rotary Club. Portugal

37-  2015: Homage Monument to Pilgrim in Mortágua. Portugal

38- 2016: Monument to the Deceased Pilgrims in Mortágua. PortugaL

39- 2016: Monument to a  Pamplillosa Firefighters. Portugal.

40- 2007: Monument for The Way of St.James in O Pino. Santiago Compostela. Spain.

41- 2001:Monument to the Discoveries in Poio. Pontevedra.


42-2007:Monument to Pilgrim in Sigüeiro. Coruña. Spain.

43-2008: Bronce Bust for The Priest of Monteroso in Lugo. Spain.

44-2006: Rock Bust to Father Pías in Monçao. Atrium of the Church. Portugal.

45-2015:Rock Bust to deceased Doctor of Dornelas. Portugal.

46-2015: Monument to the Doctor Eurico Dias Nogueira, arcebispo emeritus of Braga.Portugal

47- 1996: Mural of granite for Isidoro Riestra Secondary School of Poio, Pontevedra. Spain.

48-2008:Bronze Bust to Luis da Graça. Ataija da Cima. Portugal

49- 2013: Monument to Oil in Alvaiacere. Portugal

50- 1995: Stone Mural of 16 m2 in Rosalía Castro Street. Vigo. Spain.

51- 1997: Balck Stone Mural of 8m2 in Pontevedra. Spain.

52- 2017: Monument to The Volunteer Firefighters of Vila Franca das Naves. Troncoso. Portugal.

53- 2018: Monument to Water. Porto de Mos Portugal

54- 2017 : Monument to Motorciclists in Gois. Portugal